The Way Finding Identification System Design


Ralla(锐乐)设计是行业内知名的设计公司。团队操作过上100个导视系统设计项目,包括商业综合体、办公楼、高端住宅及酒店等,从项目前期规划布点、设计创意, 到中期图纸深化及项目后期执行管理。服务客户包括:万科集团、卓越集团、世贸集团、满京华集团、星河集团、华润集团、花样年集团等。与Benoy (英国)、LLA(美国)等国际建筑设计机构都有过良好的合作,与世界顶级的设计师在环境平面设计领域探讨及分享经验。 

Ralla is a well-known design company in the industry. Ourteam has designed over 100 guide system design projects, including commercialcomplexes, office buildings, high-end residential and hotel. from planing thewhole distribution, designing our originality, to deepen drawing and projectfinal implement management. Our clients include: Vanke Group, Excellence group,World trade group, with Jinhua group, Galaxy Group, Huarun group, Fantasiagroup etc.. We have a good cooperation with international architecture designagencies such as Benoy (UK) and LLA (United States), we discuss and shareexperiences with the world's top designers in the field of environmentaldesign.



Space Design



Ralla is awell-known design company in the industry of design. Ralla space design is aninternational team composed of young people, and our work has contemporaryfeatures. Members of Ralla always run through the new spirit. The design iscomposed of top design companies in China and excellent interior designers  returned from overseas. At the same time, aperfect project operation and management system has been set up, to effectivelycontrol the whole process of the project implementation, ensuring the perfectrealization of the design results.


Design Of The Aging Device



Ralla Meichenhas successfully completed several projects all over the country with themotivity of innovation and the principle of credit. The company has a strongdesign and engineering team, the team consist of design, production, andinstallation. The business covers Festival landscape, commercial spacedecoration and various ceremonies etc.. Ralla Meichen attracted a group ofoutstanding designers with rich cultural accomplishment. They are creative,full of enthusiasm for Meichen design, and also full of unconstrained style.Building model beyond imagination is their strengths, however, more commendablething is that they will not forget to design elements based on the needs ofcustomers and the public's aesthetic. Through the embodiment of art designconcepts in three aspects: material, shape and color, it helps enterprisesoccupy the market, promote products, establish brand and expand popularity.


Brand Visual Design



Ralla is awell-known design company in the industry. Ralla brand visual design is good atbrand new packaging design and upgrading of old brands, including brandplanning analysis, brand naming, creative design and landing execution. Ourbusiness services include business promotion planning, brand planning, brandnaming, brand VI visual system, brand promotion, packaging design, picturealbum design etc.. Our service customers include: Vanke Group, Outstandinggroup, Star River group, Huarun group etc..