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Rui Design Co., Ltd. (Ralla), Ralla is aninternational team composed of young people with contemporary features. Themembers of Ralla insist on the spirit of innovation so that they becomepioneers in the field of signage system design, interior design, Meichendesign, brand vision design etc.. Ralla promotes the continuous progress ofdesign concept through various information interaction, keeping the team'sadvanced and internationalized vision and design vitality, and establishes aperfect project operation and management system.

Spirit Ralla





Professional: We believe in professionalstrength, concentrate our energy, focus on our business, eliminate alldisturbances, and concentrate our time, energy and intelligence on a focus tomaximize initiative and creativity. Ralla believes that profession maximizeprofit.

Original: Adhering to original design isthe basic respect to creative industry, original based on specialty, rooted indepth, relied on pure.

Respect: Respect is the foundation of thedevelopment of Ralla, We respect and follow the rules of our industry,believing that profession is paramount, and wining recognition and trust withstrength; We respect customers, with deep insight, thorough analysis, integrityservices, to create maximum value for customers; the team's respect, We listento views of every member of group, respect for the individual development, leteveryone has a their value in Ralla.  

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Create maximum value forcustomers with design.